Kishu Ken


"Once more with the brush!"
Kishus love to show off.
"There it is... I see it!"
The slightest movement gets a Kishu's attention.
"Hi Mom!"
Kishus are happiest when hunting.
"Boy, are we going to be in TROUBLE!"
Kishus don't care how dirty they get when playing.
"Got ya!"
Kishus are "mouthy" from an early age.
Even an octopus is not safe from a Kishu
Kishu pups at approximately 3 weeks of age.
"Grandpa makes a great perch!"
Kishu adults are very patient with their "kids".
"Catch me if you can!"
"Let's take the hedgehog toy from Gramps!"
"MY jaws are bigger than YOURS!"
Kishu pups determine dominance during their play.
"Hi Mom... what's for lunch?"
Kishus are very food motivated.

Kishus even enjoy tree climbing.....
if it allows them to be with you.