AKC “ACHIEVER DOG”  Kishu Ken-nel’s Kisha – Agility and Obedience Champion – Owned and Trained by Marion E.

Kishu Kens Whiskey and Jack taking care of baby!


Kishus love to play.

Kishu Ken “Ozzy” has opened all his presents!

“Can we go for a walk now!?” Kishu Kens are always up for a walk, or jog, around the block.

“I said ‘behave’ son!”

Kishu Ken Kasper at the lake.

Kishu Ken “Snowy” at 8 weeks



Run, Kisha!

Kishu Ken “Koda” is the Captain of the boat!

“Snowy” and her Lamb!

Kishu Ken “Ninja” in “his” bed.

Kishu Ken humor.

“Kishu Ken-nel’s Champagne Texas Bubba”

Kishus love the beach!

Daddy dog “Kishu Ken-nel’s Champagne Stripes of Glory” with baby son Kasper.

“Ah, to sleep…..perchance to dream!”

Kishu mama makes dinner available.

Kishus can come in several sizes!

Kishu Ken kickin’ back!

Kishu “Mugan” by the Koi pond.

“Move it over, sister!”

Kishu Kens enjoy their “creature comforts”.

Kishu Ken (rt) and Shiba buddy……..”Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Morning at the lake.

“I wonder where we’re going this time.”


“This baby is mine!”

Kishus are often spoiled by their owners! :-))

Fourth of July vacation!

Fun at the river!

Kishu Kens Apollo and sister Suki having fun.

Kishu Ken “Koda” and Kai Ken “Kira”  “OK…..we’re tired now.”

“Hey, Mom, who’s that other Kishu puppy?!”

Afternoon siesta

“I’m not off my bed!”

Kishu Ken “Tomo”- “This looks like fun”



Kishu Ken “Kisha”

Kishu Ken Kisha and friend Wyatt – both are AKC Performance Champions.

Kishu Ken “Belle of the Ball” is waiting for Santa!

Kishu in the bluebonnets.

“KishuKen-nel’s Champagne Pop the Cork” at 13 years old.


Kishu Ken Tomo shows off his agility moves!

“KishuKen-nel’s Champagne Popsicle” meets a new baby.

Kishu pups in their play pen.

Kishu Kens love to play ball….even by themselves!